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Making videos for small businesses and charities is a joy! Here’s how it works:

We have a sit down and talk about what exactly it is you want to achieve. I’ll ask you how many minutes you picture the finished product being. During that time I’ll try and get a sense of what you want to say and how you want to say it. Then I’ll go off and write a script, (just like they do for the movies), the script is a blueprint for your finished video, it means you get to approve everything that is going to be in the video long before we hit record.

Once that’s been approved, we do costings, get a contract signed and a deposit sent over. Then we arrange filming (recruiting cast and crew if necessary) and quickly get everything in the can. I then set to work with my post-production magic and when it’s ready, show you the first cut of the video. You then respond with any feedback and I make any changes required. Once that’s been done and you’re perfectly happy with the finished product, I’ll invoice for the remaining balance and I’ll send over finished product!

Obviously, every video is different but for a standard 3 minute, non-dramatised promotional video, we charge:

Pre-production (script writing, logistics) – 0.5 day - £150/£125*

Production (filming)  – 1 day - £300/£250*

Post-production (editing) – 3 days £900/750*

                                                *charity rate

And if you want, you can add one 60 second reel (vertical video for Instagram, Tiktok etc) for £50.

We think it’s really important to never sell yourself short in terms of what your time is worth, but at the same time, we can make videos to suit every budget. If you need it to be cheaper, we can just make a shorter video! You would be amazed by how much information you can pack into one short film!

If you want some examples of my work, check them out here:

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Bridge Project - Leap Of Faith
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Trafford Domestice Abuse Service - Words Matter
Journey Counselling
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