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Filmmaking is a brilliant way to create differentiated work for students and young people that helps them to build creative and literacy skills. Depending on what you need, it can be done over the course of ten weeks, or three days. Here’s how it works:

I meet the young people selected for the project and swiftly take them through the basics of filmmaking. I use my experience as a teacher to guide the students to the focus of the video, and we quickly go about getting all the footage we need. After cutting it all together (and making sure it looks fabulous) we get students to reflect on what they’ve learned.

I’ve run participatory filmmaking projects as part of school’s enrichment programmes, church groups, and council run youth clubs. I’ve also used participatory filmmaking projects to deliver Discover, Explore and Bronze Arts Award qualifications.

Workshops can vary hugely in terms of what they look like. Some last a day, some are a regular spot that go on for ten weeks. But here’s a basic idea of how much a one-day workshop would cost:

Planning & delivering 1 day filmmaking workshop with 10-12 students - £360

Providing filmmaking equipment inc camera, sound & lighting. - £120

Editing 3 minute finished video £360

And if you want, you can add one 60 second reel (vertical video for Instagram, Tiktok etc) for £50.

We think it’s really important to never sell yourself short in terms of what your time is worth, but at the same time, we can make videos to suit every budget. If you need it to be cheaper, we can just make a shorter video! You would be amazed by how much information you can pack into one short film!

If you want some examples of my work, check them out here:

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